Put light where you want and where you need it. Make it beautiful and while allowing form to follow function, never allow beauty to be denied.

adapted form Richard C. Peters

Preparing for Euroluce 2017

Preparing for Euroluce is always an exciting time for me and the April 2015 show is no exception. This is a great opportunity to preview the latest in decorative fixtures – to see, touch, critique and admire what is new in lighting. How i technology, the use of new diffusing materials and the artistic mind shaping both the form and the function of our ever evolving palate of available decorative fixtures. In 2011 (with LEDs on the rise) I spent 6 full days on the showroom floor – still not enough time to see everything. This year I have an exhibitor pass, allowing me access to the show before it opens and after it closes – and I’ll use the time to its full extent.

We look at a sconce in a catalog or online, and think- that’s the ticket. But how a fixture diffuses light is a critical aspect, something we can’t determine online or in a catalogue. Having been a glass collector since my pre teen years, it’s important to me to touch the material, admire the artistry and observe what it does to the light; what it does for our most intimate spaces – this drives me in my choice of decorative fixtures.

In the days AND nights during the show, many artists and companies hold public and private events around Milan to preview their creations. One such location will be Superstudio Piu’ – Milano Temporary Museum for New Design.

In 2011 I was honestly startled by and fully appreciated the artistry and inspiration of Paola Navone, designer of Barovier & Toso’s Marina and Marino -a new set of table lamps. They were instantly recognizable because I had been privileged to see the original 1927 bedside lamp designed by Ercole Barovier on the birth of his son, Angelo. It is held in the family’s private museum on the island of Murano.

Marino light

Marino by Paola Navone – 2011

night light

Bedside table light by Ercole Barovier – 1927

B&T have produced some of my favorite decorative pieces. Their place as a leading brand in fine Italian lighting is achieved by master glass blowers bringing to life the designs of artistic visionaries. The continued renewal of their collection can be seen below.


B & T


B & T

Another company, steeped in history and always causing me great delight is Vistosi. The company is now under the youthful eyes of Matteo Moretti. The new lines presented in 2011 (some seen below) were beyond impressive and infused with a fresh look. This is truly what keeps me returning every two years.






The overriding trend in lighting lay in technology. Trends in style and design, over time, will conform to evolving technologies. Where the artistic minds take these technologies (Ingo Maurer comes immediately to mind – brilliant, imaginative and visionary) is truly the exciting part about the visit. More from the show floor as I find them………….



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