Put light where you want and where you need it. Make it beautiful and while allowing form to follow function, never allow beauty to be denied.

adapted form Richard C. Peters


Hill Road Lighting Design, by combining the essence of form and function, strives to design interior and exterior lighting systems that both enhance and transform a space through the use of light. Once the function and type of light has been selected, it is celebrated by painstakingly choosing from a wealth of traditional and new materials. Unlike typical applications that rely upon grids of recessed lights, we strive to fill a space with rich ambient light, delegating recessed fixtures to their proper use, that of task lighting and the accenting of art and focal point objects. Our goal is to work closely with the client so that their individual tastes are reflected in the composition of their lighting design.

Begun in 1998, Hill Road Lighting Design has grown from a landscape lighting design and installation firm to include interior lighting design. HRL Design is also a Lutron-certified Homeworks and Residential Lighting Control supplier and programmer.

David Brearey, Ph.D., has worked as both a field electrician and as a general operations manager for a large San Francisco Bay Area electrical firm. As the company’s founder, Dr. Brearey, has lectured at many venues and along with Jan Moyer, teaches at the Landscape Lighting Institute in Troy, New York. He holds a MSc and PhD degrees in ecology and behavioral ecology from Yale University and Durham University, England and is one of a handful of individuals certified in aesthetic tree pruning, with clients throughout New England, Ohio, Kentucky and California. He holds several advanced certificate degrees in garden maintenance, greenhouse management, aesthetic pruning and landscape design from Merritt College in Oakland, California.

Randall Cushman, the second principal of the company is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, with years of programming experience. As Director of Lutron Homeworks Operations for the company, Randall strives for simplicity in the complex and technologically advanced world of lighting control systems.

Dr. Brearey is currently working on an article detailing the process of selecting decorative fixtures and is also writing a book on his passion for pruning, as well as one outlining the practical in lighting design “soup to nuts.”






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