Put light where you want and where you need it. Make it beautiful and while allowing form to follow function, never allow beauty to be denied.

adapted form Richard C. Peters

Controlling natural light…..

Natural light is elemental – indeed we site a new home to take advantage of a southern exposure, but pay little, if any attention to augmenting, or controlling the natural light we carefully situated our living space to take advantage of – be it early morning, or late afternoon light.

Natural light from a wall of windows or large skylight can easily be controlled.  Dual use insulated cellular shades (privacy and trapping heated or air-conditioned air), plus a shear shade for filtering furniture, rug and art damaging UV rays, allows one to set the amount of light filtering in through windows and doors.

Once controlled, natural light may then be augmented with a soft layer of daytime fill light, be it from candlelight, sconce or decorative fixture. The cost of remote-controlled cellular shades has come down markedly – you can now purchase cellular shades online from Lutron, with motor and remote control, starting at $199/window.

Need/want more control?  Now you can control your natural light (shades), interior and landscape lighting and HVAC with a control system from Lutron.  Using one of their systems[1] (RadioRa2, GrafikEyeQS or HomeworksQS), you can add a wireless room temperature monitor, a Honeywell thermostat and seeTouch wall-mounted control (for manual HVAC operation) for less than $600 additional.  Adding vacancy/occupancy sensors ensures maximum energy savings, both in energy costs and lamp (bulb*) replacement.  Dimming a lamp or bulb by 10% with a dimmer can double the life of the bulb.  Setting pre-set lighting scenes using a lighting control system (that controls your shades, lights and HVAC) can extend lamp life even further – and gives you touch of a button control.  Longer life = less raw materials = a cleaner environment.

“A torchiere is any table or floor lamp whose light is directed upward by means of a glass, metal, stone, plastic or other type of reflector. These lamps take many forms and are made of many materials.

The word “Torchiere” is derived from the French word “Torche” torch.”

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/529615

[1] Which control system is recommended largely depends upon how many lighting loads, and other functions in the home you wish to control.

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